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Taking Monadnock One Step at a Time

July 18, 2014 Contributed by Rob Herbison “I pushed myself hard, giving up was not an option.”          –Tyler Terrasi On June 28, three classmates – Michael Davis-Ickes, Tyler Terrasi, and Bolton resident Rob Herbison – successfully hiked up Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. While many others have made the same journey, for Tyler Terrasi this…

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Back to the Wild

July 18, 2014 By Barbara Allen The barred owl, with its distinctive brown and white plummage arranged in “bars” across its breast and wings, was still a handsome bird, despite having lost an eye due to injuries sustained after being hit by a car. After several weeks of care and rehabilitation at the Wildlife Clinic…

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Busy Summer for the Bolton Public Library… July 11 2014

By Miles Alvord Looking at the event schedule for the Bolton Public Library, one cannot help from feeling secondhand exhaustion. “This summer has started off the busiest,” says library director Kelly Collins. Yet the local library seems quite up to task as it chugs on with its impressive array of happenings, picking up a new…

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How Ferns Survived Near-Extinction… July 11, 2014

By Bob Cooke Now that abundant ferns are greening gardens, forests and roadsides in Bolton and similar environments, it’s a surprise to learn that all the world’s ferns once almost disappeared, robbed of sunlight by bigger, fast-growing, shade-making flowering plants. In fact, fossil evidence has shown that far back in evolutionary history, the ferns were…

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Sending a Bit of Bolton to Uganda… June 27 2014

By Barbara Allen “Bolton is my home away from home,” asserts Father Julius Bwowe, with a smile. The priest, visiting from his native Uganda, has been staying for the month of June at the home of Holy Trinity Catholic Church members Chris and Sande Collins. Although this is his second year with the Collins family,…

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