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Editor’s Desk: SUMMER PRINT SCHEDULE… July 15, 2016

Well, vacation is over, but it’s still summer, so there’s that. We had a great week and it was hard to get back into the swing of things, but that’s to be expected.

This is our ONLINE ONLY edition. The remaining summer schedule is posted below.

I plan to soak up as much free time as I can over the summer! I will be taking a few days off here and there, closing the “office” when I go. The “office” is my home office with my computers and my cell phone, so it’s not too hard to do.

I will see you back in print next week, on July 22.

Cyndy Bremer, editor/owner

[email protected]; 978-897-7869


 JULY    8:   NO PAPER

              15:    INTERNET ONLY

             22:    PRINT PAPER

             29:   NO PAPER


            12:    NO PAPER

            19:    INTERNET ONLY

           26:    BACK-TO-SCHOOL EDITION


Clerk’s Corner

 Are you registered to vote?

Are you sure?

Feel free to call the Town Clerk’s office anytime to confirm voter registration.

 August 19, 2016 is the deadline to register to vote or change party enrollment for the State Primary on Thursday, September 8, 2016.

Voters can easily register on-line or by mail. Go to the Secretary of State website at   and click on the On-line Voter Registration (OVR) system icon or download a mail in form. The mail-in form must be received by the local Town Clerk’s office or postmarked on or before August 19, 2016. Voter registration may also be done at the Town Clerk’s office during regular business hours.