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Community Announcements…Driveway Signs, Road Closures; HeatSmart

Aug. 18, 2017

Bolton Volunteer Firefighters Association Selling Driveway Signs

In an emergency time is the enemy, and locating a caller’s address as soon as possible is the first step in saving lives and property.

Time wasted searching for the proper address is one thing many 911 callers don’t have. Enhanced 911 services allows dispatchers to determine the address of an emergency call, however, because many people have failed to present identifiable markings at their residence, there’s a big difference between knowing the address and finding the address.

The Bolton Volunteer Firefighters Association, a 501c3 organization, is beginning a fundraiser and community project selling driveway signs, helping to assure that Public Safety First Responders can find driveways. By supporting the Bolton Volunteer Firefighters Association you are supporting an organization committed to public safety in the community of Bolton. Our personnel are available 24/7, 365 for anything that might arise.

Many houses have long setbacks or numbers on the house that cannot be read from the street, and we want to be able to find you.

Please consider adding a reflective sign on or near your mailbox, made of the same high quality materials you see on the highway, as an added measure of safety for you and your household, assisting us to find you in a potentially time critical situation. We certainly hope we will never need to locate this marker, but having it there could save valuable time.

Signs are offered in blue or green for $25, and installation is offered for an additional donation. If you have questions or to order please email [email protected].



The purpose of this message is to assess who in Bolton might be interested in helping to conduct a new MASS CEC/DOER energy conservation program called HeatSmart Mass, subject to approval by the Board of Selectmen on August 31, 2017.

“HeatSmart Massachusetts (HeatSmart Mass) seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale clean heating and cooling technologies in participating communities through a competitive solicitation process that aggregates homeowner buying power to lower installation prices for participants.”

It will be similar to Solarize Mass, but fosters teaming of up to 3 abutting towns and involves one (or more) of each of the following technologies (not wind or solar):

• Central Biomass Heating (e.g. pellets)
• Air Source Heat Pumps (“ASHPs”)
• Ground Source Heat Pumps (“GSHPs”)
• Solar Hot Water

For more details, see the website

We are considering teaming with Harvard and possibly other abutting towns, focusing on ASHP, which seems to have generated a lot of interest here.

Please contact [email protected] if you, or someone you know, are interested in one or more of the following levels of participation (see details in RFP);

1. Municipal Representative
2. HeatSmart Coach
3. Volunteer (Similar to Solarize Mass) Roles can vary with time and would initially focus on submitting a winning proposal, then shift to issuing an installer RFP, evaluating their proposals to select a winner, along with marketing and outreach. The Solarize Mass Bolton proposal and other material is available as a starting point.




WILDER ROAD, between Sampson Rd and Old Bay Rd

Tentative start date August 10, for approx. 3 weeks.

Wilder Rd will be closed to through-traffic due to the culvert replacement project in the vicinity of #147 for approximately 3 weeks, with intended completion prior to the start of the school year.

Residents will remain able to access their homes, but will be limited to access from either Main Street or the Ballville Rd side, depending on the location of their driveway entrance in relation to the construction site. If you are expecting visitors, service providers or deliveries to your home during this time, please pass this information along to them.

Detour route signs will be posted. Drivers that regularly travel this road should seek alternate routes when possible.

Eastbound traffic on Wilder Road will be detoured at Old Bay Road, onto Ballville Road.

Points on Wilder Rd west of the culvert, the International Golf Course, and Twin Springs Golf Course will not be accessible from Main Street (Rt. 117). Please use Ballville Road off of Wattaquadock Hill Rd, or follow Old Common Rd from 5-corners in Lancaster until it becomes Wilder Rd in Bolton.



Monday, July 31

Berlin Road – Culvert Replacement Project

Berlin Road will be closed to through traffic between the intersections of Randall/Jordan Roads to the intersection of Quaker/Frye Roads. It is anticipated that the roadway will remain closed for approximately 1 month.

Detour signs will be posted on Wattaquadock Hill Road, McNulty Road, Old Bay Road, Randall Road, and Frye Road.

Residents on Millbrook Lane and the affected portion of Berlin Road will be permitted access, but only from one side based on their location in relation to the culvert.

Please plan ahead accordingly and seek alternate routes.



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