Articles Passed at Brief Special Town Meeting

– Feb. 22, 2016

| February 24, 2016

By Ann Needle

Both articles presented at the Feb. 22 Special Town Meeting passed unanimously — all in about 10 minutes. Assistant Moderator and Town Clerk Pamela Powell reported there were 96 voters at the Nashoba Regional High School meeting, with no one offering any comments before the vote.

Article 1 allowed the town to reimburse $727.17 to Bolton’s Karen Regan for expenses to the town from the previous year. With Article 2, Bolton approved the amendments to Minuteman High School’s regional agreement. The amendments are designed to more fairly divide costs for the vocational school district among its 16 member towns and to allow towns to leave the district more easily. To pass, the amendments must be approved by all 16 member towns. A full approval will also help pave the way for a school building project.


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